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Nanguo paper produces a wide variety of environmentally friendly paper with high technical content,
and all products are born in response to market demand.


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We have two paper machines of 1880mm and 2640mm with an annual output of over 80000 tons.


Nanning Nanguo Paper Co., Ltd (“Nanguo”) is an enterprise specializing in the production of sugarcane paper with about 40 years of experience in sugarcane paper manufacturing.Our products are widely used in packaging, office supplies and printing, such as paper cups, paper plates, food boxes, cosmetic boxes, paper bags, electronic product boxes, copy paper, instruction manuals, envelopes or any other items that may be applicable.


And since 2010, in response to customer demand, gradually began to contact the field of paper processing, so far the product has increased to PE/PLA coating paper, paper cup fan, paper cups and even paper boxes, paper bags and so on. From raw paper production to processing, from the source to the finished product, to provide customers with more professional and comprehensive services.


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  • Renewable


    Sugarcane is a high-quality renewable paper-making resource. The height of sugarcane can exceed 3 meters in one year, and sugarcane usually takes about 10 to 12 months to mature, while trees take at least 10 years.

  • Biodegradable


    Biodegradability means that a product can break down on its own over time. Sugarcane fiber is biodegradable in 30 to 90 days.

  • Eco-friendly


    Sugarcane paper has the advantage of being more eco-friendly and non-polluting than wood pulp paper. Bagasse is usually burned after sugarcane is processed into cane sugar, which causes additional pollution to the environment. Instead of burning bagasse, we can turn it into paper!

  • Compostable


    Post-consumer sugarcane products decompose much faster in commercial composting facilities. In as little as 60 days, bagasse can be fully composted. When composted, bagasse becomes a nutrient-rich fertilizer of nitrogen, potash, phosphorus and calcium.


Nanguo paper produces a wide variety of environmentally friendly paper with high technical content,
and all products are born in response to market demand.



We’ll help you make your business more sustainable with our environmentally friendly packaging
sustainable printing and office supplies.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Sustainable Packaging

  • Sustainable Printing

    Sustainable Printing

  • Office Supplies

    Office Supplies


We provide more professional and comprehensive services to our customers.


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